Eric McCormick Sings for Rethink Breast Cancer



Last month I photographed a fundraiser put on by Rethink Breast Cancer which featured Toronto native Eric McCormack, star of Will & Grace and Perception.  The Concert I Never Gave held at the Winter Garden Theatre, featured a selection of his favourite songs, featuring B-sides and stories from his time growing up in Toronto through his years in Hollywood.  His band was a stellar lineup of musical veterans lead by musical director Loren Gold, keyboardist for The Who, Tyler Stewart, drummer for the Barenaked Ladies, Murray Foster, bass player for Great Big Sea, along with Alex McMaster and Neil Chapman.  The event was a great success as it raised $40,000 for such a worthy cause.



MJ DeCoteau Founder & Executive Director Rethink Breast Cancer and Eric McCormack

MJ Decoteau and Darryl Sittler

MJ DeCoteau Founder & Executive Director Rethink Breast Cancer and Darryl Sittler

(L-R) Eric McCormick and Darryl Sittler

Eric McCormack and Darryl Sittler

(L-R) Eric McCormick and Tyler Stewart

Eric McCormack and Tyler Stewart of the Barenaked Ladies





Booby Ball 2013


This year’s Booby Ball 2013 was the 12th year for the annual fundraiser put on by the wonderful staff at Rethink Breast Cancer.  Every year it seems to get bigger and better! The theme this year of ‘Booby U’ combined that ‘good old college try’ with a modern, sexy twist all in support of Rethink Breast Cancer.  There were cheerleaders, jock, geeks and preps. All partying in support of a great cause. Here are some photos from the event.
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Booby Ball 2012

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what better way to raise consciousness to this serious matter than to throw a great fundraising party.  That’s why the people at Rethink Breast Cancer came up with The Booby Ball, a themed party to raise funds that go directly to breast cancer support, education and research programs.  This was the eleventh year for the party and was held at The Sound Academy, where I was asked to photograph guests as they entered.  Since this year’s party was a camp theme,  it seemed that everyone got into the spirit and dressed ready to score some Brownie points!  Overall, the event is expected to raise approximately $200,000.  Here are some photos from the event:
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