Annual Birthday Ski Week

Every year for my birthday in February I take the week off and go skiing.  It started five years ago at Mammoth Mountain in California.  Come to think of it, that was the start of one era and the end of another.  It was the last trip I shot on film; I do miss the full rebate borders!

Mammoth Mountain 2007

This year I skied at Mt. Tremblant in Quebec.  I didn’t actually shoot any stills but did shoot a lot of video with my new ContourROAM  HD point of view camera.  Using it hand-held or with the common helmet mount is extremely easy.  I also strapped it to my arms, legs and knees for some pretty spectacular views.  These are some stills from the footage.

Me going for some air in the park

Larry carving some sweet lines


I used an application called Ski Tracks on my iPhone 4 to track my runs.  It uses the phone’s GPS and collects all this data, most of which can be totally useless, but still fun to review your day over a few beers!  Here are some screen shots of my runs.


Here are the videos I edited to some really cool music:

Here is a time lapse video of the end of the trip. One photo shot every 30 seconds, produced 110 photos in 55 minutes which equalled 3 seconds!