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Tosca Delfino Swim Parachutes onto Fashion Week

Look up in the sky, it’s a bikini! Toronto’s own Tosca Delfino presented at LG Fashion Week Spring 2012 to a full house earlier this week. She set the mood on the runway to feel like the Cayman Islands, the show’s sponsor, with the sea on the big screen and beach towels in the gift bags. The opening video which I produced with Tosca’s vision, featured one of her models from the runway parachuting out of an airplane wearing the Adrianna suit. Delfino now based in Milan Italy, showcased her latest collection of swimwear featuring colours and patterns which she creates herself, all inspired by her travels. One of the show’s popular pieces featured one of my photographs of the Toronto Skyline at night printed on the fabric:

Here is the video from the show and some more from the collection:

Glen Baxter of Fashion Television interviewing Tosca Delfino

Ce fut une grande Nuit Blanche!

This year’s Nuit Blanche was a bit chilly as I took part in Elaine Fleck’s Gallery Represented and Catalogue Artists Show. Each artist had one piece on display, and I had my Colosseo print pictured below top left. Thank you to everyone who showed up and for those of you who missed it, the show will be in the gallery for the next three weeks, until the end of October. It features the artists from the FALL 2011 catalogue.

Photo: Tony Cicero

Photo: Jamie Day Fleck

Photo: Jamie Day Fleck

Photo: Jamie Day Fleck